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Banking activities and loans
Offered products of the banking activities and loans:
Financial Services General Americanos
The financial services general Americans provide loans, mortgages, the financing to by related minor, and other products financiers and of the credit to more than two million American families. Apliqúese in line or obtains the local information of the branch.
Loans De Consumidor
Loans for any intention: homemade vacations, improvements, important consolidation of the purchases, the education and debt. A variety of plans of the payment to fit its budget.
Loans De Real estate Propiedades
We provided the first the homemade mortgages, the second mortgages, lines of the fairness of the credit and other loans assured the real estate properties through the United States, Puerto Rico and the islands of Virgin of the United States.
Financing Car To by minor
The American general finances car (AGAF) are supplying exclusive of the financing flexible car. We helped to distributors car we say yes to more clients.
Direct the option on watch of the payment for the existing and new clients of the loan
The direct payment general American of the financial services is an automated option of the payment that works loading its verification or account of savings in the day that the payment must.
Banking services by the AIG bank
The federal savings bank of AIG (AIG bank) is a company of the member of American International Group, Inc., financial leader of the world in insurance and services. We offer safe products, of high performance of the deposit with the characteristics that you wish.
Certificates of the deposit
The great tariff more CD's of the AIG bank is a sensible part of a diversified list, with the tariffs that are higher than most of the competitors.
Advantages Of the Market Of values
The account of superior market of values of the AIG bank compensates its efforts of the savings with high tariffs, so its money even grows more express. You will enjoy you price more high ones as its balance grows.

Companies of AIG that provide products of the banking activities and loans:

AIG Unio' Guarantee
The united subsidiary of the corporation of the guarantee (UGC) write the insurance of guarantee of residential mortgage for the financial institutions and the investors of the mortgage. The covers provided by UGC protect to moneylenders and investors against losses of loan being from defect and execution of a mortgage of the borrower.
The way to the homemade property
Homemade course In line Of the Education Of the Buyer
The products of the insurance of AIG mortgage united guarantee
AIG united guarantee empasizes the continuous development of the systems of management and new products to solve the necessity that it changed of our clients.

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