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# 15 for of march the 21 of 2001

Attractive it chooses

Persecute The Finances Car
Persecute Manhattan
Of: Darin Soll dsoll@home.com
Date: Tuesday, Of March The 20 Of 2001 09:43 P.M.

Dear Business: a consumer fixed the and-message following to Complaints.com.

Please respond directly to the consumer, using the name of the consumer and the direction of the email (according to of: field arrives).

You can also wish to respond public in the site of Complaints.com. Hardly he locates to east and-message fixed to his conference of business and chasque ignited the "answer" to the connection (note: a registry of the user is required before fixing and-messages to the site of Complaints.com.)

I have been paying my payment to persecute the finances almost car by a year with a quota that was repeated that I installed in line with the service of the payment of the account of my bank. For both months last, my bank has sent the correct payment, ten days in front of the schedule like always, but the finances car of the persecution have fixed the payment incorrectly and later they have sent a last warning to me.

Both payments have cleared my banking account already and the amounts were correct. I have spoken to reps of the service of client in the finances car of the persecution in three separated occasions, after sailing to traverse frustration of a system of automated telephone hoping and in grasping, and this people do not understand the meaning of the service of client.

(1) they cannot investigate the real payment that received from my bank -- the burden of proof that my payment was correct is my load. For the second month in a row now.

(2) the second time that I called, the representative said to me that my account was clear. He was not.

(3) I requested to speak to a supervisor today, and was said that "the supervisor to only will say him what I finish saying to him."

(4) then I requested to speak to the supervisor of the supervisor, and they said to me "that it is not going to happen."

(5) they said to me that after receives the "test" of my bank that my payment was in the correct amount, it will take FIFTEEN DAYS LABOR SO THAT THEY CORRECT MY ACCOUNT.

(6) the representante/delegado technician of client discussed with me on the results of my second call, saying to me that that "if had called, had a file of him."

(7) the amount of incorrect fixation is obvious -- the persecution fixed my payment 291,47 like 29.47.

(8) I in line put under requests for the yields in my mortgage of the persecution and my loan car of the persecution -- these will be moved to diverse banks immediately.

Darin Soll


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