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Services to the international business
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International transactions
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Obvious It’s, but it’s to the worthy point of the manufacture: paid obtaining of overseas business is supreme. He is vital to cover itself in case that of difficulties, and there is a number of Web site that you can give return stops to the aid:

  • The BRITISH guide of the commerce and the investment to the finances and the insurance of the export skirts a number of areas where the aid can be obtained. These include:
    • insurance policy of the credit to the BRITISH export of the commerce and the investment (short term);
    • significant aid through the banks and of the BRITISH insurance agencies (term);and short
    • direct aid with the BRITISH department of the commerce and the guarantee of credits to export of the investment (more in the long term).
  • Its bank is generally the best source of the finances of the export. Some of the routes that can be offered include:
    • Documentary credit – popular as it honors itself through the system of banking activities.
    • Disturbing in factors - for more information, it visits the factors and the Web site of the association of discounters.
    • Forfaiting – it works through a bank and the aid can be given through the international equipment commercial Briton of the finances of the export (BTI).
  • The British association of the insurance agents (BIBA) is an independent body of the insurance, offering short term the aid of the private sector.
  • The facilities of the credit insurance allow that you obtain finances of 100 percents for the credit of your bank - although this one requires a valid insurance policy obvious.

You can also read our guide to the finances of the business.

Aid of market of the specialist

For some markets, the additional aid is available. For example, the European bank for the reconstruction and the commercial program of the facilitación of the development invests in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

For the average aid of the term (that works next to aid of the private sector), the department of the guarantee of credit to export (ECGD) can help of a number of ways.

The works of ECGD with the companies and their banks to provide surely of specific credit and to finance solutions to satisfy necessities with the company and the buyer. They watch to develop to new techniques and long term relations in the countries in where the BRITISH companies make business.

Its aid includes:

  • finances for the complex projects with times of lead and long processes of the supply;
  • to guarantee the loans – often to the tariff it fixes and the often favorable terms and to a range of modernities;
  • surely overseas of the investment against political factors of risk;
  • the other insurance – for example to fix a price to foreign currency against the fluctuation of the change; and,
  • aid of the documentation of the export.

The aid of the ECGD is for the projects on six months.

For shorter projects, British aid of the supplies of the association of the insurance agents (BIBA).

There are other areas of specialist where the companies can require aid in terms of the payment and the protection of their position. These include:

  • Technical standards – see the section of the import and the export of the British Web site of the institute of the standards.
  • Antiques – see the department of the culture, means and the Web site of the sport.
  • Other products that need the licenses – the export; see the section of control of the export of the Web site of DTI.
  • Where the commercial barriers and the illegal aids of state are not allowing to exports to the EU – see the Web site of the single market of the action of the DTI.
  • Documentation – of IEexport; you can unload you inform financial into the Web site of SITPRO.
  • Where the cash payment can sometimes be difficult and exchange, the compensation and other methods of countertrade are – common; see the section of countertrade of the BRITISH Web site of the commerce and the investment.

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